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  Lessons of Passion Gold is a collection of adult sex adventure games created using adobe flash.  
  In order to progress through the  the games it is necessary to  perform a number of tasks along
  with making the right choices on how you talk to her, make the right choices and you could get the
  girl naked and naughty. They are really a combination of erotic novel and interactive virtual sex.  

  Currently there are around a many games but numbers is growing and if you want it to grow
  even quicker, then why not make suggestions to Lesson of Passion for the storylines that you
  would like to see, as they are always open to new ideas.

  In Hot Wife Story , perhaps you can fulfill your fantasies. You get to spend an incredibly night with
  your wife at the club, but who knows where the story will end. Will you cheat on her in search of
  another woman, or does she secretly crave another man’s cock inside her only time will tell.     

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             Snake Valley awaits you!
  The West is only as wild as the people who live in it. Blistering heat, itchy trigger fingers and sand
  crawling into every crevice of your body… paradise much? But in every paradise, there are vultures
  called outlaws who try to get their hands on anything shiny. Jack Shepard was an outlaw… or so he

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             Living with Temptation

  The basics of the game are simple; you have Lisa -your hot babysitter, Tracy your equally hot wife
  and a total of 40 days to raise your relationship's with the girls and maybe even score.  But be
  careful, as you advance you are faced with decisions that may improve one relationship, but may
  hinder the other.        

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