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Erotic cosplay

Cosplay means “costume play” While fans have been dressing up as their favorite characters for a long time, the phenomenon has really taken off over the last few decades.

It’s now common to see cosplayers in just about every form of fan gathering-from those celebrating video games, science fiction genres, comic book characters, anime and hentai - manga (Japanese animation) shows, and beyond.

Cosplayers can dress up by wearing a simple bowtie, or sport amazingly detailed recreations costing thousands of dollars. There’s even a vibrant cosplay industry of prop weapon designers and builders, clothing manufacturers, and even highly paid cosplay models.

So it’s kind of natural that many people, seeing pictures of cosplayers at events or through social media, would begin to develop a certain interest in seeing their favorite fictitious characters in sexual situations but also acted out in a cosplay manner.

VR Viewing:
The thing with VR is that it will be new to a lot of people and some may be put off by the technology.  When you sign-up, you are sent a pair of goggles for free, but the movies here work on various platforms. The movies are filmed at 180 degrees, which means you can turn you hear 90 degrees in either direction and look around. The cameras are worn by the guy, and so you get 3D VR from your point of view, putting you right there in the scenes.

You can also use your own goggles, if you have them and the site supports various makes and types: Vive/Oculus, Gear VR, PlayStation and Daydream View. You will find a version of each scene set up for each of those brands, and a downloadable scene for each one is just a click away. One new scene is added each week.