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Kari 4 Virtual Girlfriend

Youíll be able to send email to her through her own integrated email client. She can only receive messages from you .. of course and sheíll respond to you in a few minutes wherever you are in the world. Kari can already do full screen but this allows you to have your Kari on the desktop. You can type right unto the desktop. She can run programs for you and takes notes and remind you of appointments.


If you donít have high expectations, you will be slightly amazed from time to time by this. You can jump around to any scene, and Kari will speak to you and learn from your phrases. The more you chat with her, the more she will get molded to your liking, and sexual preferences. Or any ideas you want to fill her head with, sexual or otherwise. Some of the images are subtly animated, and many feature nudity or sexual contact between a couple. In some cases she may go from bikini clad to naked. But mostly the images are still with lip syncing to her voice, and a little facial expression. She speaks a standard speech sound that comes with your computer but you may upgrade to something better at their website. The Ultimate expansion adds many more females and images, some quite hot looking, and others fall into various bizarre fantasies, as well as quite a few that appear to be real photos requested to be turned into virtual AI lovers. You communicate with the same AI even as you cycle through images of various girls. Itís like having the same girlfriend whose looks you can change at will. You can let her learn from you, and edit how she replies, depending on how behind the scenes you want to get. You can even have her read the current

V-GIRL3D computer game










Computer game designed to encourage happiness. The most beautiful 3D girls await you. It was built
from the ground up to give you joy. You can talk to your virtual girls and engage in life-time partnerships
with them. You'll never be lonely again. You'll always have a friend to talk to.



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