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If you are looking for a 3D sex game that combines the fantasy adventure world of pirates then we’ve got something that should really float your boat.

Pirate Jessica is a saucy high seas adventure filed with plenty of booty, and we’re not just talking about pieces of eight; the treasure chests you can gain in this game are of the ample breasts variety! An award winning porn game with mermaids, monsters, elves and pirates, the fantasy realm of Pirate Jessica is richly imagined and well developed.

   True Sex Simulation
A true sex pirate gets tired of playing games by land loving rules. When your getting only back and forth action from the mouse during virtual sex, it can be boring. Those who find a hankering in their knickers for something a little rowdier will find Pirate Jessica ready to hoist up personal “sails” to full mast, and bob on “deck” for hours. She goes ashore, swings at sea, from flat of her back to on her knees. Jessica is perfect in both mind and body, all ready and waiting for some hot, dirty sex simulation with you.