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  3DXChat - Sex Game

Exciting erotic game in 3D VR

Great erotic chat with super sexy avatars; The body movements are natural in the porn scenes,
cool game play and all really well produced

With online cam sites where you can chat, flirt, and masturbate to scantily clad honeys across the world, and virtual reality
sites that offer 360 degree stereoscopic videos using a headset like the Oculus or Samsung Gear, one thing is very clear: our
interactions online have become increasingly more intimate and accessible to our wildest fantasies. But 3DXChat takes both
components and manages to blend them into a seamless sexual experience.

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3DXChat. Offers - Highest Resolution - Sex Game and Online Chatting Experience

Designed primarily as a chat room, it takes on the format of a game like the Sims where you can upgrade and pretty much design
every aspect of your avatar. This means everything from hair color, body type, gender, and outfit, and there are literally hundreds
if not thousands of different combinations (a strong selling point, and evidence of some pretty high capital behind their project).
It also has a gorgeous selection of options for your own house, which is again testament to what 3DXChat actually is – it isn’t
some quick pick-up site, it’s designed to be a place where members can return to over and over again, participate in a community
of other like-minded thinkers and lovers, and actually make it a “home”, so to speak.

This definitely rivals some other chat-only sites that have a quick turnover rate of members. And those sites definitely
have their place, but at 3DXChat it seems as if they’re trying to foster not only a strong membership that will come back again
and again, but also a place where you can meet people long term online. Sex Game

To supplement this they have a number of ‘public’ locations, including everything from a beach that could be out of Thailand,
a bumping disco club replete with Live DJs and pole dancers, and even the deck of a luxury yacht. The chat system allows
you interact with, flirt, and take things to the next level with various other avatars.

Another thing they’ve got going for them is their updates. As opposed to one-off sites that offer a game and then nothing to
accompany it, the creators behind this one seem to understand that the key to success if novel content, which is why they are
routinely uploading new updates to their page and trying to be as active with their members as possible – these include things
like new additions to wardrobes such as sexy Asian short-skirts and tights to swimsuits, as well as new sex positions (the latest
we saw was the option of lying on a couch while your virtual girlfriend sucks you off slow and steady while on her stomach).
Most importantly, these updates also list special events such as actual themed parties for Valentines or Christmas that take part
at the virtual clubs.

Why bother getting dressed up to head out to a club in real life with only a fraction of a chance of getting laid, when you can
pretty well be guaranteed a hook up at 3DXChat? For us the choice is a pretty simple one.

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