3D GoGo - Strip Game

3D Gogo anime win amp skins. Free download - 3D naked dancing girl win amp visualization sex plug-in. 3DGogo toon sluts shake their perfect naked bodies to your favorite mp3 music.

3D GoGo is a 3D strip game visualization plug-in from Thrixxx for Win Amp. It provides 3D rendered nude dancing girls - strippers on your desk-top that move to the music playing in WinAmp.

The applet offers different strippers to choose from; taken from the hentai 3D and 3D Slut games.  Just like hentai 3D and 3D Slut, the models may be customized with different clothes, body and skin. For example, you may adjust pubic hair shape and color, breast size, along with 5 other parameters in the body menu alone.


Create and Design Your Own 3D Stripper
.. a sex game where you get to create and customize your own sexy avatar and then have her shake her moneymaker all night long.
As you can probably tell from the site name, this game is about strippers, or exotic dancers if you prefer. It’s for those of us who’ve been to strip clubs and had to contend with dancers who just weren’t turning us on.

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ThriXXX – 3D GoGo 2 – Virtual Stripper Sex Game

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