FriendFinder has historically been one of the most popular dating apps on the web. This is partially because itís been known to be easy to use, but mostly because it has been around since 1996. Itís literally one of the oldest online dating apps out there.

However, letís get real for a second. We are pretty skeptical of an app that hasnít had any major updates in the last decade. And when you look at the interface of the site, youíll see what we mean. But does this mean the Friend Finder dating app isnít worth your time?

Well, we took a close look at everything FriendFinder has to offer and found the truth. From the cost of the app, to the quality of the matches, to the way the search features work...

Want to know if this is the right app for you? Take a look through this guide and see what we really think about one of the worldís oldest online dating communities.

Online Dating Jokes

The hardest part about online dating... Finding someone who clicks with you.

I recently watched a movie called Online Dating. Honestly, it wasn't as good as it looked on the internet.

Buying a new car and online dating are sort of the same thing... You're looking for the youngest model with the least amount of miles on it.

I went on a date with a girl from an online dating website... ...
I was worried she'd be fatter than she looked in her pictures. Turns out he wasn't.

Iíll never join one of those online dating services because I prefer to meet someone the good old-fashioned way... Through alcohol and poor judgement.

I saw an online dating profile name labeled abcdefg So naturally I responded hi, jk, lmno

My friend said that he was going to try online dating.
I said, "I didn't have much luck with it personally."
"But that's where *we* met," said my wife.
I said, "Exactly." .

If I had a dollar for every girl that looked different in real life than she did on her online dating photos... I still wouldn't have enough money for make-up remover for 1 of them